In the past, the ECMs were mainly involved in both building services equipment upgrades and operational changes. The retrofitting work was generally taken place at the end of the product life cycle.  A number of housekeeping measures related to building operations were implemented throughout the campus.

  • Variable Speed Drive (VSD)

  • Electronic Ballast Installation

  • Lift Operations Rearrangement

  • LED Lighting Applications

  • Heat Pump Installation

  • De-lamping

  • Solar Hot Water Pre-heat System

  • Data Centre with Efficient Design

  • 2-speed Mode for Escalators

  • LED Exit Signs Installation

  • Digital Thermostats

  • CO2 Sensors Applications

  • Chillers Replacement

  • Sensors Applications

  • Timers Applications

  • Window Films Installation

  • Review of Equipment Run-time Schedule

  • Using Condensing Water for Library Dehumidification